Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Impovement of Studies Essay

Impovement of Studies Essay Impovement of Studies Essay Improvement of Studies There are some areas in my life and school that has made a few changes, using some of the information from my Improvement of studies class. Prioritizing, persisting, and able to focus is some of the things that has helped me in these areas. In life we make choices and all of these choices reflect our future, we have to learn how to put what we need in front of what is wanted. Prioritizing is something that is very important, you have to know what to put first and in order, to accomplish important tasks. For instance, me doing my work s soon as I get it instead of doing other stuff is showing prioritizing the right way. Putting my family’s needs first before buying me things I want. Using priorities the right way helped me accomplish goals quick, and better inside. Persisting is something I use and put effort in. If I keep trying, eventually I will overcome the obstacles. Even if I don’t accomplish at least I know I was persistent enough and tried. Never give up because you never know where you will make it in any situation. One time I was digging holes for my flowers. I got hot and sweaty and tired, despite them. I keep trying and eventually I had a garden full of beautiful flowers. Good things come to those who is persist through the difficulties, and never get discouraged. Being able to focus helps me out while I’m in class. Sometimes I lose focus when I don’t get enough sleep the night before. Also I lose focus when I have my phone on me.

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