Monday, November 25, 2019

Airbags essays

Airbags essays Came around in 1973. They revolutionized the driving experience making it safer and therefore more enjoyable. Who invented it is a matter of opinion some say Allen Breed while others claim it was invented in the General Motors laboratories. Regardless of opinion the automotive airbag improved car safety and revolutionized the industry bringing car safety to the forefront of any car design. A new airbag control system called SeatSentry that automatically identifies whether a front seat passenger is an adult or child and allows or disables the passenger seat airbag accordingly. SeatSentry also detects mass, shape and weight to determine if the "passenger" is a sack of groceries or a person. It is sturdy enough to last the life of the seat. Some cars are equipped with these seat sensors today; others will follow as federal regulations kick in, mandating such sensors starting with 2006 model year vehicles. Similar to seatbelts, there are specific circumstances under which airbags provide optimal protection. They are most effective during purely frontal collisions (primary impact point of 12 oclock), offer mild protection during offset frontal collisions (primary impact point between 10 and 12 oclock), and offer no significant protection in other collision configurations (NHTSA, 1998). Overall, airbags account for a 13% reduction in fatality rate when used in isolation and a 50% reduction when used in conjunction with a seatbelt. Airbags: are they lifesavers or killers? Airbags have saved lives, but they take lives as well. The airbag related deaths and injuries have taken its toll on our society. Since 1990, airbags have claimed the lives of 111 people, with more on the rise. Most of deaths have been among small adults and young children, some of which werent wearing seatbelts. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration points out that airbags and seatbelts work tog ...

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