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IT - Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

IT - Project Management - Essay Example Despite the fact that the code of ethics may not be accepted in the academic field, universality may not be wide accepted because of difference in culture, and varied business environment. It is believed that ethical codes should be accepted across all the business environments and ethical principles arise (Cleland, & Gareis, 2006). There are various reasons that can be attributed to this. one is that since professional ethical codes are quite useful and that they share several grounds, they thereby increase the usefulness of adhering to the ethical codes. In adhering to the professional codes of ethics, accountability and standards are established within a profession. In a professional field where standards exist, one would use to evaluate his/her behaviors and compare with expectations from the profession code of ethics. When professionals have defined their ethical rules, they will easily identify on their limits on which to act upon. In setting up the accepted codes of ethics for professionals that they should attain at their minimum efforts, the standards will help push them to meet the expected practices and conducts. In practicing what the code of ethics actually states, the public will consider to be having value and professionals will be acting as examples to the reality. If professionals fully stick to the codes of ethics, they will be honored, and seen as reliable and be seen to practice faithfulness and follow what is good instead of doing what have been set to the as minimum acceptance. Trade-off is a case where one decides to lose quality in a given aspect but gain quality in another aspect in return. There are a number of players of tradeoff. In electricity, electrical engineering employs tradeoffs used in amplifiers to trade gain properties such as bandwidth, stability of the gain and bias point, immunity noise, and finally the distortion in the nonlinear is reduced. Information scientists employ tradeoffs as their tool of trade. They believe th at a given program may be faster in processing if more of its program is used. Such a tradeoff is termed space-time tradeoffs (Kerzer, 2009). It was not his. It was sussy’s In medicine, tradeoffs are faced with problems as far as tradeoff is concern. For instance, a prostrate cancer patient has to weigh the chances of a prolonged life expectancy verses treating stress. That kind of tradeoff is known as patient trade off. In tradeoff that exists in a government, the controversies that exist in politics and problems faced in the social arenas at a given time. Any kind of political event can be considered a series of tradeoffs, and that the foundation of it core vales are targeted to the politicians or high profile people. Trade-off can also be found in music; in this field, instruments of a soloist can be termed tradeoff since they perform the duties of a soloist. For instance, a lead guitarists performing in a musical group, the two shares a guitar solos. Tradeoff mainly appli es to a case where heavy metals are used during a twin guitars featuring. Project management experience documentation Project management concerns planning, controlling of resources so as to complete the project successfully thus achieving set goals. During my work in one of the constructing firms as a project manager, I ensured that all the stages that are to be undertaken and activities involved in the project were well planned. During the planning, all the teams who were in my function were involved. Before the project commenced,

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