Thursday, October 31, 2019

DQ Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

DQ - Assignment Example This may lead to heated arguments and losing temper. It is also good practice to engage the client in the solution, by asking them their suggestions. The other key objective is to listen keenly, internalize the complaint, and, take time to understand before responding. These techniques help avoid taking issues as personal attacks. Feedback meetings with clients need to be well organized so as to maximize the outcome, while avoiding ambiguity. It is important when planning, to have in mind, which areas to collect feedback, what is to be addressed in the meeting, what the possible client reactions are, and, how to manage the reactions. It is advisable to devise a plan to be followed in the manner in which to engage the client. It is also important to schedule the meeting in an environment that is suitable to the client. On the material day, it is good to start by engaging the client on more general issues, before narrowing down to specifics. The client should be given ample time to express themselves without interjections, and, their complements, or complains well recorded. It is also good practice to respond to those issues that can be addressed on the spot, while committing to respond to the other, and make necessary adjustments soonest applicable. Self expression is an important tool to earn and maintain customer confidence. One way of doing this is to ensure that one is well informed about the company history, policies, products, services, and, future plans. This helps one to be articulate when handling the customers. When talking to clients, it is good to make prior preparations, to avoid rushing over issues. One should also talk naturally, avoiding reading lengthy documents. Eye contact should also be maintained, while avoiding distructive behavior. It is also good to explain using good examples where appropriate. While responding to client concerns, one should portray good understanding of the issues, and, when not sure

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