Thursday, October 17, 2019

Cloud Computing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Cloud Computing - Research Paper Example Cloud computing refers to a new method of adding capabilities to computers through investment of hardware or infrastructures (Sun Microsystem, 2009). In this case, it does not acquisition of software, licensing or training programs of employees. In fact, it offers substantial business applications through the internet, which are accessed from a web. Web 2.0 involves application of Web technologies to the Web in a way that offers control to users through interactive visual presentation. Uses of Cloud Computing and Web 2.0 Cloud computing offers services accessed by businesses from different parts of the world. In fact, the cloud that is accessed by different users across the world is located at a single point to serve all customers and satisfy their needs. Cloud computing enables users and firms to access various software and storage services whenever they need them at a low cost; in fact, this form of deployment is called Software as Services (SaaS). Web 2.0 involves integration of W eb technologies in order to enable automation of a significant part of users’ action during the process of browsing (Guha, 2009). In this case, it enables direct embedment of target webpage into user browser, furthermore, Web 2.0 has facilitated technological advancements that enabled browsing the Web on small devices such as mobile phones, through reliance on Web API, Rich Site Summaries (RSS) and Atom feeds. Required Technology to Use these Tools Cloud computing and Web 2.0 requires infrastructure that entails reliable services that are offered through data centers and built on serves; in fact, these severs have different echelon of virtualization technologies (Handler, Shadbolt, Hall, Berners-Lee & Weitzner, 2008). Therefore, cloud computing require physical manifestation of data centers, whereby computing and storage is shifted from users’ device to a remote location having a large collection of serves, network equipment and storage systems. On the other hand, Clou d computing and Web 2.0 requires computing components such as CPUs and memory, which serves as recipients of two thirds of total energy consumed by servers. Benefits of Using Cloud Computing Setting up infrastructure for cloud computing such as acquisition of serves, data centers, database administrators is a role taken by services provides, users or business pay a price to access these services based on their usage (Sun Microsystem, 2009). Resources management and maintaining infrastructure is taken by the service providers, thereby making the processes of setting up simple. On the other hand, cloud offers increased reliability on network and data access, which is guaranteed and maintained by service providers. In addition, cloud computing offers a significant level of flexibility since data can be accessed from anywhere by users. Benefits of Using Web 2.0 Web 2.0 facilitates free flow of information among internet users, whereby they are able to share ideas and opinions about thei r business. Web 2.0 enables personalization of internet services based on different users’ needs and preferences. It has also facilitated acquisition of information based on users’ requirements, by making websites in a way that provides interactive interface, which is user friendly. In addition, Web 2.0 enables internet users to have easy navigation

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