Friday, October 18, 2019

Global Warming Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 9

Global Warming - Essay Example urning of fossil fuels for instance coal, oil and natural gases contribute massively to this predicament .40% of United States carbon emission comes from coal burning power plants. More consumer products and cars for transportation are in production following the high population growth rate. This reflects negatively to global warming as more fossil fuels are used in the manufacturing and processing of these products. Cutting down forests to burn charcoal together with the former contributes to accumulation of carbon air in the atmosphere. The carbon air on amassing in the atmosphere forms a cover and restricts heat into the atmosphere. Much of the infrared radiation rising from the surface is absorbed by carbon in the air (Weart, 2008). This results to global warming. Besides this, the level of methane in the earth’s atmosphere also determines the global warming level in the atmosphere. Agricultural activities for instance decomposition of products to make manure, produces a l ot of methane gas. The number of livestock in the planet is also a matter to be troubled about when global warming is concerned. Herbivorous animals produce methane during digestion. These methane ,gases add up to the atmosphere and like carbon it also forms, a blanket in the atmosphere .The only way to curb this is if humans embrace the usage of environmental friendly fuels and reduce the amount of methane in the air. For instance, governments could promote improvements in efficiency in commercial lighting or they could promote the disastrous consumption of fossil fuels (Weart, 2008). Global warming poses harsh effects to humankind. The increase in temperatures in the atmosphere translates to poor rainfall in the planet. Thus, the temperature of the earth is at high level due to carbon accumulations (Weart, 2008).This challenges the agricultural sector, as the productions would not be enough to feed the ever-growing population across the globe. This increase in temperature in the earth

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