Sunday, October 6, 2019

Assignment # 7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Assignment # 7 - Essay Example Policy makers only consider less number of options when tackling problems. The selected policy options only differ marginally with the existing policies. For each option, just the most significant consequences are considered. There is no best policy assessment; an excellent policy is one that all participants consent on rather than what is most excellent to solve a crisis. Incremental policy advocates for making corrections; it centers on small modification to already existing policies rather than remarkable fundamental modifications. In this model, policy-making is also sequential; you have to keep solving problems as mistakes become obvious and are rectified. Fresh approaches to the problems are developed. In this model urgency and importance are the barriers. Since the model advocates for small parts solving of problems, some problems may have serious consequences and need fast solutions. Additionally, some problems may be new and of high risk which need new policies. The mending of already existing polices may not solve the problems. With the analysis of problems before implementing or creation of policies should be advocated so as significant policy change to occur. The Steams theory applies the consideration of three example applications of streams, i.e. politics, policies and problems. However, the streams have drawbacks which hinder effective policy making. First, the independence of the streams is questioned. The streams are said not to be independent which makes them manipulated easily. People tend to embrace solutions that they have a belief that it will solve their problem. They do not identify solutions because that solves a particular issue. Politically, in governments, regardless problems have been solved or not, problems still arise. The streams only come together when solutions and problems are attached and presented to political audiences. The other barrier is that the streams need a proper entrepreneurial culture

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