Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Kateryna by Taras Shevchenko Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Kateryna by Taras Shevchenko - Essay Example The essay "Kateryna by Taras Shevchenko" explores the painting by Ukrainian artist Taras Shevchenko, Katerina. Shevchenko painted this painting during Austria, Hungary, and Russia. Austria and Hungary took over the Polish regions, Romania, and other Western territories of the Ukraine. Tsarist Russia occupied the Eastern Ukraine. Kateryna is set in a time where Ukrainians were forbidden to explore their culture through language or art. Several of Shevchenko’s paintings were done in exile. The cultural aspect of the Ukrainian dress on the woman to the peasant sitting on the ground shows the plight of the Ukrainian nature at the time. The Ukrainians were poor and conquered, but never defeated. The Russian riding a horse shows the powerfulness of the Russian soldiers and symbolizes the mighty country. This style is romanticism. The idea of throwing off aristocratic views with paintings depicting strong emotion is exemplified in Kateryna. The strong emotions of a seduced or raped w oman carrying an illegitimate child tug at most individuals’ emotions. Shevchenko wanted to cause outrage and anger against the occupying soldiers of Russia and the Tsarist government in general. The light colors also are considered a trait of the Romanticism era. Kateryna has a barefooted peasant girl in the forefront with a beggar at her feet. A dark animal jumps a little to her left. In the background is a large tree to the right. A windmill was placed in the top left corner. Between the windmill and girl is a Russian soldier.

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