Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Animal Farm Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Animal Farm - Essay Example Comparisons between Napoleon and Snowball As part of the leadership, there are two leaders whose ideals differ as one is corrupt while the other is a subtle leader. The two leaders here are Napoleon and Snowball that are a depiction of Stalin Joseph and Trotsky Leon. Ideally, the two leaders were always on contradicting sides in terms of leadership strategies that led Napoleon to dismiss Snowball in order for him to adopt dictatorial leadership. The two leaders of the animal farm had nothing in common except that were both astounding leaders. One of the principal differences between Napoleon and Snowball was the fact that Snowball was a better speaker and had convincing power as compared to Napoleon. He was compassionate and offered support to the animals contrary to the treatment of Napoleon to the animals. This aspect made Snowball a hero as he acted on the belief that all animals in the animal farm had a right to equality (Orwell 8). ... During the existence of Snowball, the animal farm witnessed development, peace, and flourishing in which he sought to make the farm better than during the reign of farmer Jones. However, Napoleon’s rule presented aspects of slavery to the animals in which he incorporated this aspect without the knowledge of the other animal subjects (Rodden 316). Remarkably, Napoleon’s dictatorial rule was successful as compared to the communal leadership by Snowball as the farm became productive the same as the time that Farmer Jones was in control. Napoleon was a cunning leader as he led the animals in the abolition of the human rule then changed after they had achieved their freedom from the humans. He eliminates Snowball as he sees him as an impediment to the success of the farm. In essence, he negated the concept of communism as he viewed it as an aspect of backwardness and underdevelopment. His cunning ways also lead him in to constructing a windmill that Snowball had designed whi le he was alive in order to show to the animals in the farm that he was equally as good as Snowball had been to the animals. Napoleon also spreads propaganda to his own advantage as compared to Snowball who believed in honesty and truthful leadership (Rodden 318). Further, Napoleon orders for the merciless killing of animals after he amends the seven commandments that negated alcohol consumption and murder. The animals experience torture as a way of confessing their offenses within which the trained dogs owned by Napoleon execute the killings (Sapakie10). The collapse of the windmill intended to make the animals work lesser is a chance that Napoleon uses to cast blame on Snowball meaning that he applies all manner of schemes in order

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