Friday, October 18, 2019

Higher Education in England Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Higher Education in England - Essay Example It has been concluded that each student spends only around 26 hours of time per week for both private study and teaching. Another report on UK universities, in particular, universities in England, shows that the stress levels of students undergoing higher education are more than the level prescribed by health and Safety Executive (HSE) for good health.(Ashley) A report developed by National Union of Students (NUS) shows that the students are well aware of their daily expenditure, but not sure of the hidden costs they spend. These include travelling, food bought during travelling, in shops and restaurants. (NUS student experience report) The report also shows the average percentage of people worried about their financial situation. It shows that 13% of the total are very much worried and stressed out about their financial situation whereas 16% of students don't give much attention to it. The rest of students were not aware of how much they spend.(NUS student experience report) According to recent survey conducted on a group of students, a larger database of information was generated with predefined set of questions. On finding out correlation between the debt and term expenditure, it was found out to be 0.76 showing a fairly high connection between the two subjected quantities. Further analysis was done to test two hypotheses. One is a belief of no difference in debt between mature and young students. The other was mature students having more debts than young students. With t-test and histogram on a surveyed set of data, both the hypotheses were proved wrong. Although the correlation was found, there was not enough evidence to back the hypothesis. It can be summarized that most of them are under the wrong notion of borrowing things would satisfy their needs rather than looking at the cumulative result they would face after graduation. It could also be one of their ways to counter the financial pressure. The current financial turmoil has added to their stress level as the expenditure for basic amenities has increased. The current recession has led students who want to join universities to go for one which is nearby their home so that they could cut down on the loan for maintenance. (Students at home 'to cut costs') A survey suggests that due to recession, there are not enough part-time jobs to compensate students who take loans to complete their higher education. The survey conducted by the youth parliament of UK suggests that 36% of people fear of shifting to new place as they may not be able to repay the debts.(Higher education funding) According to the first held survey on Student Price Index, the students of higher education pay 7 percent higher than

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