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Gangsters in Malaysia Essay Example for Free

Gangsters in Malaysia Essay Longman dictionary 2005 defines gangsters as member of violent group of criminal. Gang Identifiers and Terminology, Cantrell, Mary Lynn, Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Problems (1992) defines gangsters as organized crime that Bootlegging activities such as importing or making illegal liquor and speakeasies where alcohol could be illegally purchased gave rise to rivalry that resulted in hired gangs of criminals and gun battles. Thompson, Tony. Gangs: A Journey into the heart of the British Underworld. (2005) London defines gangsters as a member of an organized group of criminals or racketeers. (2004) defines gangsterism as Subscribing to a course of action reminiscent of organized crime. Acting or conducting business in a way that is violent and totally without conscience. Acting like a gangster/thug/hoodlum. Running business or holding a high government position with the help of hired guns, intimidation and the occasional assassination. (2009) defines gangsterism as a gang is a group of people who, through the organization, formation, and establishment of an assemblage, share a common identity. In current usage it typically denotes a criminal organization or else a criminal affiliation. History of Criminal Gang in Malaysia Who Are the Triads Identified? article at (2005) stated that it is believed that Sio Sam Ong which literally means Three Little Emperors is a leading Chinese triad in Malaysia was established during the 1940’s to 1950’s; being mainly active in northern Malaysia. According to Wikipedia, A wide variety of historic gangs, such as the The Order of Assassins, Adam the Lepers gang, Indian Thugs, Chinese Triads, Snakehead, Japanese Yakuza, Irish mafia, American Old West outlaw gangs, Russian mafia and Italian Mafia crime families have existed for centuries. One of notorious gangsters in Malaysia was [2]Mamak Gang which has been active since the early 1990s. Gangsters Behavior and Activities The Star wrote in its article about Gangsterism, Gangsters are a threat to society and you can be considered a gangster if you are involved in any of these activities: Extort money from shop owners, hawkers and the like. Receive payment for threatening others or to beat someone up. Protect/cover-up gambling, prostitution, and drug trafficking syndicates. Ransom people for money. Be a part of organized crime. Force anyone to join a gang and its illegal activities. Attend a gang’s swearing-in ceremony. Engage in â€Å"table talk† or a fight with other gang members. Beat people up or destroy property of those who refuse to follow the gang’s commands. Gangsterism Amongst Youth in Malaysia [3]Yayasan Da’wah Foundation Malaysia (2007) in its article about â€Å"gangsterism amongst youth†, it is indeed saddening to witness our children change from a loving person, obedient and loyal to a person that likes to hurt, bully, shout, ill mannered, aggressive, rude and could not care less about others. They are involved in gangsters since their early age. There is a case where a father from Seremban called in the police and accused them of holding on to his son. That is the only thing that he could do. Just imagine how painful it was. Each group of gangsters have a symbol and of their own. It does not matter whether they are new or whether it is relevant the world of gangsterism, they all have a logo, a signal or a sign of their own. If you child waves to his friend in an explicit manner, be warned. Other than that, absenteeism from school maybe one of the indications that they have joined a gangsters organization. Internal Security Ministry Parliamentary Secretary Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop in an article by Daily Express on Wednesday, July 28, (2004) said that the Emergency Ordinance (Public Order and Crime Prevention) 1969 can be enforced on students involved in extortion and gangsterism. [4]Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop also commented that there were 1,502 cases in 2000, 1,324 cases in 2001, 1,136 cases in 2002 and in 2003 1,429 cases were reported. Among crimes usually committed by students were murder, robbery, rape, housebreaking, theft, using force, molest and receiving stolen property. In 2000, there were 1,152 cases involving students aged between 13 and 15, and 1,398 cases involving student aged between 16 and 18. The police always made efforts to overcome the problem of crimes among students by giving lectures and holding exhibitions at schools to increase student awareness on crimes and drugs and encourage students to join [5]Police Cadets to enhance their discipline and launch special operations to check unhealthy activities at entertainment outlets. Ways to Prevent Gangsterism Yayasan Da’wah Foundation Malaysia (2007) in its article about â€Å"gangsterism† amongst youth stated that several ways to prevent gangsterism. Studies indicate that the prime cause for children joining gangsters today is due to being able to collect money easily; to acquire drugs and to see protection. Some youths are bullied into joining. If they are afraid, or feel shame and easily bullied, their friends may threaten them by saying, â€Å"If you do not join our group, watch out! However if you are together with us, we will protect you and we will make you rich and feared!† Love Your Children. Just because he has made a mistake, do not leave him to fend for himself or to allow him to go astray. He will become more involved in social crimes. Just reflect over having a child delivering drugs for a group in comparison to your friend’s child who ends up becoming a doctor. You will most certainly ask as to where did you go wrong? You are only wrong if you neglect the well being of your child. Self-Confidence. Instill within your child with something that can never be changed, notably, confidence in himself. It has been proven that children that possess a high degree confidence in themselves are not involved in gangsterism. Parental Love. Parental love from the very beginning is very important in the shaping of your child’s future. If there is little love at home, then it will be sought off elsewhere. The same is applicable to money. If they do not receive it, they will seek it elsewhere. Make sure that you always are concerned and observe who your child mixes with and know where he is every time. If he has a cell phone, check if he has switched it off so that you c annot call him.

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