Saturday, October 19, 2019

Research Methods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Research Methods - Essay Example Management must be able to lead the employees through new techniques, which are based on the current market situations. The management must use different leadership traits so that the employees are easily able to adopt different strategies, which can help in the performance of the business. Finding an innovative idea for every problem can be a difficult task for all the management but it is essential for them to implement such ideas in the operational activities so that the production level of the employees increases which directly increases the profitability of the organization. From several studies it is observed that the role of leadership can create many changes in an organization and increase the efficiency of its employees. The importance of innovative management leads to innovative ideas. Different leadership styles help to implement the innovative ideas in the organizations and can enhance the performance of the employees. At the time of economic crisis, good leadership qualities are important to increase the performance of the organization (Cristina, 2013). There are mainly four types of leadership styles that could be observed in different organizations. The choice of leadership style depends upon the nature of business or objectives of the organization. The suitability of leadership style, therefore, varies in different industries. The aim of the proposed study is to compare different leadership styles and their traits and their impact on employees’ performance. It would be an interesting study to compare different leadership styles on employee performance in different organizations as it will allow the users of the report to identify and understand traits of different leadership styles and their role in motivating and committing employees to perform better. A comprehensive study would be possible by taking case studies of four different organizations that support two types of leadership including Transactional and

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