Saturday, February 1, 2020

Pattern Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Pattern - Essay Example That measurement is needed to be considered so it will create the like. There are lots of techniques and procedures on how to have an exact work of putting pattern on a fabric. Pattern serves as the molder for a complete figure of the planned dress in a fabric. Preparing to Draft the pattern on a fabric is not an easy thing to do. Since fabrics are not hard enough to hold the marks that a sewer will do. We use to design a pattern on a fabric by first making a draft from a paper, the known draft can be produced. From this draft a pattern will taken from which the cloth shall be cut. In which the paper should be strong, firm and white or light, colored if pencil or graphite is to be used. If tailors chalk is to be used, a dark paper or rough texture is preferable. A squaring tool or ‘set square’ is also necessary, usually made of box-wood with brass ends. It is more convenient to use if one side of the square is about 60 cm long and the other shorter, about 30 cm long. It should be marked off in centimeters on both sides with zero at the angle. To start making the pattern on a fabric, first lay the fabric with strong ends and corners so that the marks will be made on its right plane or position. To start drafting the pattern this is the procedure that First, mark a point on the paper on the top right-hand corner about 10cm from the edges and the top ring it so O with a dot in the circle. Just make sure the â€Å"squaring† is accurate and the measurements are applied with care. Keep the drawing neat and tidy. It will be found that very soon the drafting procedure will become quite easy. When the draft is complete a pattern must be made from which the cloth will be cut. The principle of pattern cutting is to duplicate of the draft on to another piece of paper, but instead of an identical copy it is made in separate pieces according to how many parts the garments contents. The draft

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