Thursday, February 13, 2020 Case Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words Case Analysis - Essay Example There are four major aspects that Jessica needs to re-evaluate in website design and market strategy: Effective Website layout; SWOT analysis; brand creation; and effective marketing with focus on Porter’s 4Ps. The wedding website needs to be vibrant and colourful so that it sends the message of great romance. While interactive and e-commerce features should be intrinsic part of the website, Jessica needs to incorporate more pictures of the happy couples in the honeymoon destinations to attract prospective brides and grooms. Honeymoon packages at discounted price should become one of the important features of the website. It should also cater to various other requirements of the couple as well as for those who need to get wedding gifts. The website needs to showcase the products and services to attract the future customers and meet their individual demand through customised features of the interactive website. Jessica needs to research the details regarding the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that the wedding events come across and then incorporate them into her website. The brand creation has been another successful strategy that would bring in committed customers. ‘Brand building is needed because products are the same’ (Kotler, 2005). Market strategies try to promote their goods and services by creating brands that guarantees the customers of getting high quality goods and services at a price that a customer is willing to pay for. Today the concept of market has changed so much so that instead of customer going to the ‘product’, the product ‘comes’ to the customer. In other words, virtual markets have facilitated the availability of the product much easier with the concept of ‘home delivery’ becoming a reality. Though the localized market still has scope but the unlimited potential of the internet market must be tapped in order to remain afloat in the fast

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