Saturday, July 27, 2019

A Just Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

A Just Society - Essay Example The report is summarized in a concluding paragraph and MLA referencing style has been used properly. Introduction What is a Just Society? Much research has been done to define the features and structures of a just society and how to develop one. However, it is an ongoing concept that needs to be considered at an individual level so that each individual takes part in the development of such a society that provides fair means of living to all. A society sees many successes and failures, and goes through many struggles and hardships till it reaches the milestone of being called a just society that arises from chaos and moves toward an intelligent order. A just society is one that treats all individuals as equal and provides them equal opportunities so that they are able to improve their lives and live according to better standards to come at par with the contemporary world. At least, the basic requirements of food, clothing and shelter are met, and after these all facilities and resourc es are equally and fairly distributed among all individuals. Everyone should be able to enjoy the best without being obstructed by or obstructing other individual’s rights to enjoy the very same prospects of life. Rule of law should be followed instead of the rule of jungle. Life of a human being should be considered important. People should have the right to feel secure and they should be given protection under all circumstances. They should be educated about what is right and wrong for the well-being of their society. Social problems must be eliminated. Although it is difficult to achieve, but if everyone struggles at individual level to cooperate with the authorities in fair distribution of resources, then it is not impossible to achieve a society in which justice prevails. Today’s world in which governments and nations are suffering from corruption, terrorism, white-collar crimes, inequality of rights, and discrimination of color, race, gender, ethnicity, and langu age, the concept of a just society is becoming vague with every passing day. We no more feel secure. We do not know whether the governments are playing fair games with us or are cheating us. We do not know what number of white-collar crimes is occurring in our institutions and how they are going undetected and un-encountered. We do not know how much a rich politician has stored in his banks and how many laborers are not getting their daily wages. However, what we do know is the number of strikes that were held in our city the previous day. We do know how many killings happened in a neighboring country. We do know how many suicides happened in the country a month ago because of poverty. We do know how many beggars sit at the end of our street. Hence, the concept of a just society needs to be covered seriously so that everyone knows what rights he has to ask for and what rights he has to give to others. And the Greek philosophers have done the task quite efficiently. Idea of a Just So ciety According to Socrates Socrates’ idea of a just society is based upon communism, commonly referred to as Socratic communism. Socrates was of the view that all parts of the society must be able to work in harmony. He laid emphasis on censorship in education of the society’s youth. The guardians who are the saviors of the common men, the rulers and the law-makers,

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