Friday, July 19, 2019

Making an Impact :: Teaching Education Careers Essays

Making an Impact Today, society demands more of teachers than ever before. In many cases teachers are required not only to teach their content area, but to also teach values and skills needed to function properly in society. It is a heavy burden to handle, but I cannot wait to do it. I hope to make a positive impact on students’ lives. Education is very important because it must prepare students to take on their dreams and goals. Without an education the chances of a student succeeding in life are very slim. Some students see school as an escape from a rough life at home or as their opportunity to go to college on an academic or athletic scholarship; opportunities they would not have had otherwise. I would give students an equal opportunity in class, where everyone is on the same playing field, to gain an understanding of my content area, social studies, and how they can apply it to real-life situations. My plans for achieving my goal of becoming a teacher include staying dedicated and enthusiastic about my content area and the possibility of having a good influence on a young person’s life. A love of learning about the areas of social studies will push me to continue learning. After graduating from college, I plan on obtaining a master’s degree and becoming a high school social studies teacher. As a teacher, I plan to join the National Education Association and join the teacher’s union at my district of employment. I see an advantage in teachers working together to provide a better learning atmosphere for students. As an educator, my goal is to prepare students for the â€Å"real world† to the best of my abilities. Many times, teachers are the only guiding light in students’ lives and are often their greatest influence. School is more than just a place for learning. The experiences students have in school usually lay the groundwork for the future of their lives. School is also a place for social interaction. The everyday interaction with other students prepares them to handle themselves properly once their schooling is finished. If a person breaks the rules, he or she is punished for it, the same way they would if they broke a law in society. Discipline is essential in maintaining order in the classroom. A larger percentage of today’s students lack the discipline and responsibility that should be learned at home.

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