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Leadership as privilege Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Leadership as privilege - Essay Example (Zapke-Schauer, 2005) Definition of leadership is not an easy subject. There are many things that have to be taken into consideration if someone tries to comprehend the actual structure of leadership. The pattern of leadership varies from person to person and, moreover, this pattern becomes clear when a leader passes through problematic situations. It is his/her moves, which define the pattern of leadership. The pattern also decides the direction in which the organization will be moving. And, obviously, the matter of success is entirely based on it. (Northouse, 2006) Leadership is a topic, which may be found discussed in books, journals and other places where the critics talk about it. But, actually, it is a matter of practical experience. Popularity of leadership as a topic has mainly been caused by the development of some major companies in the world under some valuable leadership. Literature is a field where leadership has always been praised. It is considered as a great human activity in this field. In this article my point is to judge leadership in a business oriented field. Management is quite clearly related to leadership from this point of view. But there are some differences between these two and sometimes there is also a conflict between them. Many of us have a wrong conception of what leadership is. That is why making big assertions about it goes completely in the wrong direction when a person is even not aware of what his topic is. Executive manager is a position of any company, which is wrongly taken to be the post of a leader of th e organization. Leadership never means any designation. It can be seen in anyone starting from a manager to a labor. Vision is the main thing, which establishes a leader, and with this ability he/she can guide the others in the organization. (MacNamara, 2008; Nurmi, Kaynak, and Darling, 1997) To state it in a very simple way, leader is the person who can influence the others present in the organization. Everyone has his/her own opinions but the leader is the person who decides the final step. This privilege is given to him/her as the person has proved the success earlier. To understand how a leader shows the way to an organization and motivates the other people, we shall take the example of Warren Buffet, the world famous businessman. We shall discuss how he guided Berkshire Hathaway to the company's huge success. Warren Buffet the great businessman was born on 30th August 1930 in Nebraska, USA. His father was a stockbroker and may be this had a great influence on Buffet's interests. Columbia Business School was where Buffet had his education. After many struggle he established himself as the greatest investor the world has ever seen. His relationship with Berkshire Hathaway began in the year 1962 when he commenced buying stock in this company. Today, along with the company's growth, Berkshire Hathaway has also made Buffet the richest man in the world crossing even the records made by none other than Bill Gates. Mary Buffet, Warren's daughter-in-law says that patience and wisdom are the keys to success for him. (Clark, 2007) Oliver Chace was the founder of Berkshire Hathaway and the company came into existence in the year 1839. The main reason why Warren Buffet is remembered in the scenario of Berkshire Hathaway is his strategy of investment and a great leadership in directing the company as a CEO. Many of the

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