Saturday, August 24, 2019

Decision Paper for System Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Decision Paper for System Development - Essay Example They stated that institutions that hold high growth aspirations must integrate the conventional financial administration systems with superior checklist capacities. In particular, the new billing system that Hillside school seeks to integrate holds the requisite incentives to facilitate effective management of received resources. It provides clear-cut measures and guidelines that that is credible. This paper discuses overall elements that define the Hillside school cash management system with references to its new billing system. Business Problem â€Å"As-Is† billing system that the school operates, presents immense complications that hinders the realization of credible results. The system holds inferior data management procedures and control mechanism that affects confidentiality in cash administration. Indeed, the system hold limited potential to drive the school into its growth prospect especially at the time that it seeks to expand its enrollment capacity. Increase in enro lment will require an effective system with limited gaps that may compromise cash management and accountability (Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2012). The schools deputy head teacher faulted the systems rigidity and stated that it hold no relevance in the contemporary setting where superior billing infrastructure is recommended. The system was designed using Ms word and excel software’s that provided difficulty in the maintenance of records. The school holds a vast amount of student records that range from financial, admission, class allocation, payroll details and production of reliable financial reports. The â€Å"As-Is† system led to severe confusion and duplication of work since it provides inferior incentive that cannot facilitate effective distinction of work done. The schools administration is under obligation to administer proper records as stipulated in the guidelines. They are answerable to the stakeholders on the utilization of resources through clear and structured s ystems. However, this was not possible at some point due to the lapses that the system provided thus prompting the need to integrate the new system. In short, major complications presented by the â€Å"As-Is† system include provision of unclear fee collection process that fails to facilitate transparency. The infrastructure adopted two centers of fee collection through diverse payment schemes that include fixed and variable systems. These fee collection systems exposed the institution to confusion on cash administration (Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2012). Variably, it was integrated with inferior software’s that compromised the superior administration and production of payroll documents, financial reports and student particulars. The system also failed to provide superior control mechanism and processing capacity for credible outcome. It also failed to ensure effective harmonization of student fee schedules especially for students from one family. The diagram below shows the old system’s fee payment techniques that presented immense challenges in ensuring effective cash administration. Process diagram Variable fee payment Fixed fee payment Fixed fee payment Business Process Improvement Business process improvement entails integration of credible operating systems and adoption of best practices that are development oriented. Advancing

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