Friday, August 9, 2019

Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release Essay

Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release - Essay Example The aftermath of the collapse was entrapment of over thirty workers at a depth of three hundred meters deep. This meant inadequate basic needs such as water, food and oxygen, a situation that downed the hearts of their relatives whose hope died after four days with their husbands, fathers and brothers trapped in a mine. New York Times (2011) asserts that there has never been such a scenario where, miners would survive after a long period trapped underground. However, the supply of food that started for two days would subsequently run into weeks after the establishment that the miners were still alive and intact. Additionally, a second collapse of one of the other remaining shafts destabilized the rescue process by making the process even more difficult. The news f this collapse spread throughout the world like a bush fire with many fearing that the miners will not last until their rescue. However, it was astonishment instead of cries when after seventeen days the first contact was ma de to the miners only to find that all the miners were safe and in a good condition. Initially, it had been, communicated to them that it should take the rescue team almost four months to rescue them onto the surface. However, at the fall of 69 days, the first miner of \all the miners who had been trapped were brought to the surface exceeding effectively (Weik, 2010). Given the fact that communication must be designed with a particular audience in mind, and there are a number of considerations to be observed. This is, in addition to, needs of the potential receivers of the information. Therefore, it is noteworthy that the person relaying the information understands the recipient, and use a proper communication, tone and even information message caries. This will enable appropriate delivery of the message, which will ensure that the audience understands, and clear doubts about any confusion (New York Times, 2011). Therefore, the company has to communicate to different people, and the se include the family, other employees and the press. Any wrong word is sure to create panic especially to the family members, and this makes family essentials extremely valuable, and, therefore, taken into grate consideration. There are certain needs of the family that have to be met to ensure their peace of mind. However, it is noteworthy that few companies have appropriate preparations for such situations, and use of addressees to convey the message. This one of the hard times in the Mining Company, for it had a hard time keeping the families of the trapped miners reassured. Ability to maintain the staff tranquil and at peace that the Chilean Copper Mining Company was doing everything to get the miners out, was their top priority. It is noteworthy that the company had an already established way of keeping the families, the local community and the other employees of the trapped miners. During this entire time of rescue efforts, the relatives of the trapped miners should have recei ved some counseling while praying for beneficial outcomes, but also being prepared for the worst. All information obtained by exerts during the process should have been shared at a gathering of family of the trapped miners with grief counseling making the necessity of the sessions of briefs. This means that the family should

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