Saturday, August 10, 2019

Project management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 6

Project management - Essay Example 48). The difference between the two is that one focuses on the delivery of quality products (control), while the other works on ensuring that the confidence of delivering quality products is present (assurance). This paper will examine the difference and relationship between the two, and how organizations are using these concepts to ensure their products are exceptional in a highly competitive market. Both these terms work toward ensuring that the final products meet the required standards of quality. Quality control is often seen as a reactive measure, where the quality of a product is tested and screened. It involves all the operational skills and techniques that are needed to fulfil the different requirements in a quality product. Quality assurance, on the other hand, is seen as a preventive strategy. In this strategy, the company is keen on planning, filing, and assenting to guidelines that work on assuring the quality of products (Webber & Wallace 2011, p. 83). At the beginning of any project, QA must be carried out to ensure that the risks identified and specified are mitigated. QA is often regarded as a pro-active managerial tool or technique, which is used to guarantee a certain level of quality in a company’s product. Appropriate QA and QC should be undertaken once a project has been chosen. This is in order to provide the necessary and pertinent information on the project to avoid the risks that may be present as with any project (Rose 2005, p 76). In the case of the UK stabilisation and solidification treatment and remediation, adequate QA and QC must be guaranteed to ensure a consistent and systematic approach to dealing with the entire process. This is from the project’s conception/beginning to the project’s end/completion. It is through adequate QA and QC that the treatability studies, testing and design procedures, and the construction

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