Monday, September 23, 2019

Leadership and Motivation job requirements Assignment

Leadership and Motivation job requirements - Assignment Example Qualifications:1. Being the head of the internal auditing office for the last two years.2. Bachelor of Commerce.3. Certification as a lead auditor in the quality management system ISO 9001:2008 from the Canadian standard association.4. Member of the international register of certificated auditors (UK).5. Special training as a certified international auditor.6. Functioning as an accounts manager for more than 12 years; attained an experience in accounting, systems analysis, and management with the ability to make relationships between different K.I.Z.A. departments. This aids in initiating and executing the auditing plan with efficiency.Vision:1. Develop new methodologies to improve the auditing process, making it easier for the organization.2. Well certified and highly trained employees that have a certification in accounting or auditing.3. The office in the future will be :i. Advisory for director general, a board of trustees, and other divisions. ii. Training section. iii. Revenue center.4. Full Automation of the auditing operation.5. Fully automated communication with other departments.6. Direct accesses to all committees related to K.I.Z.A. procedures.7. Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of systems of accounts and internal control operating within the Institute to make sure of objectives are effectively and efficiently achieved. 8. Place evaluation systems in place to ensure compliance with Institute policies, plans, and procedures as stipulated in laws and procedures issued by concerned government financial control.

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