Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Australian Federal Government has proposed the mandatory filtering Essay

The Australian Federal Government has proposed the mandatory filtering of internet content, to make certain types of illegal content unavailable - Essay Example Through this, the people will know what they’re dealing with and will be able to create preventive measures on their own. Filtering of information can be considered as taking away a person’s right to get knowledge and learn from that information. With the filtering act, getting materials and information needed for studies and prevention, say for example child pornography and terrorism, will be limited, or even restricted. Access to the sites related to these extreme actions, including violence and sex, will allow people to figure out how to deal with these social problems and even eliminate it. Everyone has the right to know and learn, but if the public can only access limited information, people will crave for more to get the information and might result to more law violations and criminal acts. Even the rarest of the law that has ever been passed or implemented had violations on record, and since almost every person on earth is aware about the existence of internet and how materials for any reason can be accessed through it, people would still try to find a way to access it and obtain that information. With the technology nowadays, there are always means and ways to hack accounts. And the more restriction put into accessing certain websites would result to more incidents of hacking and infiltration. Aside from this, since the filtering act is a government project, the government may and can actually restrict information that would expose the bad side of the government. (Australia to Implement, 2008). Aside from television, radios and newspapers, the internet is also a reliable source to get information in current events. A lot of things happen in the government everyday and words spread faster in the internet. With the filtering act, the government can actually sort out information that they don’t want the

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