Monday, September 9, 2019

Marketing Influences Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Marketing Influences - Essay Example This paper will discuss Levi jeans for men based on personal influences as opposed to rivals as well as segmentation and targeting initiatives. Levi jeans for men have been around for many years and are still popular today. Various brands have come and disappeared, but the Levi jeans brand is still dominant in the market, showing that the company has considerable market power. The brand satisfies and appeals to the needs of its male clients regardless of the age brackets with diverse style senses. The name of the brand is what makes one to purchase the jeans. Since they have existed in the market for quite some time, the name has acquired the trust of consumers from different parts of the world. When one sees the name of the brand, he thinks of quality and picks the product for that reason. The brand receives this major benefit for addressing the requirements of its clients for many years (Fuller, 2011). Levi jeans are attractive since they provide various types of cuts. One has a broad range of denim cuts to select from, meaning that you can select the cut that you are most comfortable with. Although other jeans provide various cuts, they do not offer a broad selection as in the case of Levi, particularly because it is always updating, offering, and adjusting (Fuller, 2011). Levi has undertaken processes, which other brands struggle with while trying to keep their brands relevant in the marketplace. Levi jeans are popular because one is aware that they offer a broad range of relevant styles. Most jeans brands arise and disappear since they fail to get in touch with the client. As such, they cannot keep producing products that clients do not need. Levi is unlike its rivals in the marketplace. It has managed to provide great jeans and relevant styles that are appealing to clients in different parts of the world (Fairchild, 2014). The prevalence of

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